President Message 


Elias Acevedo - 

Sales and Finance, Tristar Motors

"I'm honored to be the President of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton.I look forward to working with the board,staff and members in fulfilling the Chamber's mission to assist and serve the businesses and local community."

Members of the Board

Maria Villareal
C.E.O , Executive Board
Iluzionz Catering


Elias Acevedo Montoya
President, Executive Board
Tristar Motors


Faviola Ochoa
Past President, Executive Board 
So Cal Gas Company 


Mireya Cervantez
Sectary, Executive Board
JD Enterprise 


Board Member

Omid Dental South Gate Office 

Veronica Gardea

Board Member

Awards You Will Remember

Yodit Glaze

Board Member

Blossom & Vine Floral Designs 

Tyneisha Crockett

Board Member

BeEasy Event & Travel Planner  

Eugene Bennette

Board Member

Compton Grocery Outlet 

Adolfo Varas

Executive Director 

Latino Chamber of Commerce

of Compton

Crystal Esquivel



to the Executive Director

Latino Chamber of Commerce

of Compton

Daisy Vargas
Vice President, Executive Board 
Family Health Care Center of Greater Los Angeles  


During the 1970's, members of the community of Compton, knowing the economic situation that the city was in, agreed to organize and look for a representation among different authorities. At the beginning, a committee of patriotism was formed. Furthermore, noticing that there was a need for an organization for the Latino business owners and the community in general, in 1981 a group of civic-minded Latino businessman who arrived in the city of Compton seeking progress, peace and security, decided to form a new organization. These business people wanted to establish an organization that would represent and advocate the legitimate interests of the Latino and minorities in the community. They also wanted to create an information center that would serve to disseminate such facts and figures as well as serve to enhance and contribute to the stability of Latino American and minority businesses. This birthed the beginning of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton, best known as the LCCC. Since then, it has stayed with the optimism of servicing the businesses and community.

"Working Together"

Meeting as a group or as a committee, analyzing discussion, examining problems, proposing solutions, initiating discussion, examining related facts, acting in accordance with the expressed will of the majority, constantly striving to improve business, and build a better community.

"To make Compton a safer, cleaner, better and a beautiful place to live and work in."

The Voice Of The Business

By unifying the voices of all Compton Business Leaders, we can have a powerful impact in moving our City in a positive direction for years to come. By joining the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton, you lend your support to advocacy efforts that benefits our overall economy, while staying informed on pertinent issues that can affect your bottom line. With your support, we will be the largest Advocacy Organization to ensure that the city of Compton continues to be a city that is industrial & friendly to all businesses of all sizes.